Milk of the Gods e-Liquid

Straight away, any potential customer stumbling across Vapors Anonymous’ product will realize that they mean business. In regards to their intriguing flavor ‘Milk of the Gods’, the manufacturers have this to say: “A splash of flavor from the drink beholden to the Gods as sacred! For millions of years this drink has enriched the youth and has re-vitalized the elder.

The Gods have once again given us this extraordinary drink to quench our thirst and better yet, our vape”. Not quite your usual e-liquid plug, huh? With pretty big words like this to its name, Milk of the Gods is begging for a review, so let’s jump in!

Vapors Anonymous is a select brand that is only available through certain vendors. They are California based and we got ours from AlternateCig.

Price $6.49/10 mL – Buy Here

The Pros

As every vapor juice, let’s first take ourselves through the high-points of this e-liquid.

  • The taste, right away, is something different. There’s a firm, underlying taste of cream, an almost tangible sort of cloud feel to it once inhaled (I guess that would be the ‘milk’ of the title). There’s an interesting, mellow sweetness on top of this, with some twinges of cinnamon and fruit. A truly excellent combination of tastes!
  • One of the most long lasting tastes I’ve tried to date – Milk of the Gods loses absolutely none of its potency or impact, even after a full day or two of almost constant vaping (it’s that good). I can’t think of any other juice which can claim that same power.
  • In terms of the texture and layer of the taste, in combination with the throat hit and vapor production of this juice – everything is painstakingly pre-ordained. Vapors Anonymous have clearly put the work into this flavor, and it shows. It hits the throat well, produces a generous amount of vapour and really envelopes the user in that milky, smooth taste.

The Cons

I’ll be clutching at straws here to give this juice a balanced review, and come up with some cons…

  • Potentially the only issue is the specificity of the taste. I can’t see how anybody couldn’t fall in love with this brilliant juice, but it definitely makes its own stamp; so if a smooth, almost caramel-esque kind of vape isn’t to your tastes, then this might not, be for you.

Overall, I can’t recommend Vapors Anonymous’ Milk of the Gods e-liquid anymore. It is absolutely phenomenal in its textured, layered taste – easily one of, if not the best I’ve had.