That unmistakable taste of banana nut bread is one that stays with you throughout the years; it’s a comforting, warming, traditional sort of taste and that’s why NicQuid have went out their way to replicate it in this new e-liquid product.

And they’ve done a fantastic job of it, too. From the first vaporous hit, it’s like consuming a full, freshly cooked loaf (without the drawbacks!) with an incredibly thick vapor production, to boot. It strikes a perfect balance between the sweet and savory conflicting tastes of its ingredients as if it’s been made by a truly dedicated baker – which it essentially has…

Before taking on NicQuid’s vapor juice for review, I carried out some quick research into their production methods. All of the company’s vapors are crafted from GRAS certified (Generally Recognized As Safe – a designation from the FDA) ingredients and contain zero artificial dyes, colors or dilution by way of alcohol or water.

Furthermore, NicQuid set themselves up with some of the best quality purveyors of e-liquid products by giving the customer a nice range of choices when it comes to nicotine strength – ranging from absolutely zero, to 24mg.

The one drawback, arguably, is that this vape lacks a little of the sharp punch of other, slightly less refined flavors. An almost too smooth flavor, the banana nut bread e-liquid doesn’t quite have the same throat hit.

Price – $4.89/10 mL – Buy Here

The Pros

  • Solid, authentic, delicious taste which can be ingested throughout the day without becoming too much, or overloaded.
  • Strong, regulated production company, supplying the best of the best in each product.
  • A good range to choose from in terms of e-liquid strength, something other vendors tend to lack.

The Cons

  • Although delicious and smooth, the banana nut bread e-liquid lacks a little of the punch in terms of throat hit, that some other flavors pack.
  • A very specific taste which might not appeal to some people.

Overall, I’d strongly recommend NicQuid’s Banana Nut Bread e-liquid to anyone out there. A finely crafted taste, a thick vapor and a lovely taste of home all wrapped up in one. Even if it doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, I’d recommend a taste – you might just be pleasantly surprised!