Innokin has long been known for producing quality mods, and they may have outdone themselves with the iTaste VTR. It’s one of the heaviest units you’ll find on the market; you may like that because it means the mod is even more durable than previous Innokin products like the MVP 2.0. On the other hand, you might find the box just too heavy to carry around. But there’s no questioning the vaporizer’s features or performance – it’s a terrific APV.


The VTR is quite attractive, with a somewhat sleek (an odd juxtaposition for the weight it carries), “rounded box” design. Like older Innokin products, it is based on the iClear clearomizer with an integrated tank. Because of the product’s shape not every tank will fit inside, but those we tried from Vivi Nova and ProTank worked just fine, and of course the iClear line fits as well. There’s an included 510 adapter for tanks that don’t fit, so they can sit on top of the unit; we found that a little awkward and unattractive, however.

Adjustments to the VTR are made via a new type of control for Innokin. It’s at the top of the unit, with a button above a wheel. When you push the button, you first see the tank’s resistance, and then can view the power settings which are changed by turning the wheel. Pushing the button twice will change the system back and forth between voltage and wattage modes. Once you get the hang of it, it’s simple. The display is a standard LCD screen.

Two other things that we noted: the VTR doesn’t come with a built-in battery cell which means you can use higher capacity batteries if you choose, and the iClear 30S clearomizer which comes with the unit has an innovative design with the wicks running down the length of the tube instead of floating around at the top. We didn’t notice any drawbacks to this new design.

Usage and Performance

The activation button on the new Innokin mod is in the perfect place, centered in the back where your finger would naturally find it; it’s much more convenient than on models like the MVP 2.0, and the overall feel of the unit in the hand is very comfortable.

There’s no question that the VTR is more powerful than previous Innokin offerings. Voltage options run from 3 to 6 volts, and you can increase or decrease by tenths of a volt. Wattage can be selected between 3 and 15, in half-watt increments. The overall limit on the unit is 5 amps, an impressive increase of 2 amps from the MVP 2.0. Obviously, that’s more than enough to power dual coil clearomizers.

The proof is in the vape, and pushing about 10 watts we got strong, good-tasting hits and big vapor clouds with this APV. We dialed it up around 13 watts to see what would happen, and the VTR didn’t break a sweat.

Pros and Cons of the Innokin iTaste VTR Vaporizer


  • Stylish and sturdy
  • User-friendly design and feel
  • Great construction, power and performance


  • Among the heaviest mods we’ve used
  • Not all tanks will fit inside


$109.95 – Buy Here


The VTR may not be for everyone due to its weight, but we found its design and performance impressive, and well worth the extra heft in our hand or pocket. It’s a strong new entry from Innokin and can easily challenge some of the other top-rated variable mods on the market.