First off like to say any time you are going to be sub-ohming I feel you need to be using a correct “safe” battery and have some basic knowledge on whats good and safe that being said I feel the viper and blaze battery is not safe for sub-ohming how ever they both come with a 1.2 ohm coil which is safe for this device, in my opinion.

What’s in the kits?

Atom Vapes Viper Review

Viper Subxero Kit

Blaze Subxero review

Blaze Subxero Kit

Okay, so opening up each are a very neatly packaged kit. The instructions are okay, and come in 10 different languages each kit come with 3 wraps to customize how you want your product to look. The Viper kit does come with a extra pryex glass replacement.


How’s it vape?

The vape quality is not that bad and good airflow even using the 1.2 ohm coil on each of the devices. However, they are an ego threaded tank but it’s a uncommon style and I was not able to use this tank with any other battery other than switching between the blaze and viper would like to see just a 510 connection then maybe I could feel a little better using the .5 ohm coil that came with the tank on a device i feel safe using.

How much is it?

Viper Subxero kit $52.99

Blaze Subxero kit $37.99

All that being said i would not recommend either of this kits. My recommendation to atom vapes would be to ditch the blaze kit remove the .5 ohm coil from the viper and sell it as your starter kit and get your price down to at least $40. If you want to check out Atom Vapes, you can visit their website here –