Alternate Cig’s Red Cow takes on a task many other electronic vapor producers would shy away from – adapting the difficult and very specific taste of an energy drink, into a bombastic vape juice (Red Cow… Get it?).

For sheer ambition alone, it feels like they should be awarded some sort of credit – but, you didn’t come here to read about how brave it is, you want to know how it smokes. Well, we’ve got the skinny for you.

Price: $4.95 – Buy Here

Red Cow Vapor Juice by AlternateCig1

The pros

Let’s first take a look at the pros of AlternateCig’s Red Cow e-liquid flavor.

  • First off, where many energy drink adaptions fail, is in the potency of their flavors. Often putting far too much into them and giving the vape an overbearing essence. AlternateCig manages to completely sidestep this issue, giving a very balanced taste, overall.
  • There is an unparalleled level of accuracy in the flavor transfer from the original energy drink to this humble e-liquid. Short of popping a can of the drink, you’ll find nothing which comes close to this sort of authenticity, making it a must have for avid drinkers, surely.
  • Additionally, this liquid generates quite a copious amount of vapor upon exhalation, with a nice flavor retention afterward.
  •  Compared to some other, bigger names out there on the e-device market, AlternateCig offer this vapor juice at quite an affordable price, especially given their small scale independent production methods.


The cons

Genuinely speaking, here, there is really very little in the way of harsh criticisms to throw at this e-liquid, the only real potential complaint being:

  • A mild throat hit, which some may not prefer over a harsher reaction. This can perhaps be due to a lack of a carbonated essence to the liquid, which is a little strange given the inspiration for the ‘Red Cow’ taste .

With this one complaint (which really isn’t a complaint at all, for the majority of customers) we have our overall verdict. This is a well-made, very well researched e-liquid which knows what it’s aiming for. A fantastic and authentic rendition of the original flavor, as well as a very successful, effective liquid which won’t lose its taste any time soon, even for the most frequent of vapers.

A must have for fans of the energy drink, and highly recommended to those who want to try something a little more unique. Be sure to check out our other e juice reviews.