If you’re looking for everything you need to know about vaping – you’ve landed in the right spot. We have it all, and more. Our goal is educate, inform and entertain – all at once, usually. So welcome to the site. But first, a little about how we got started:

Back in our early days this whole site started off with just one person writing the content; it was a labor of love to say the least, keeping on top of all the new progressions in the marketplace. This meant always being on the lookout for the new flavors, devices and developments which were proceeding at incredible speeds.

One day it would be a couple of quick ecig reviews, the next day there was a whole batch of new technology to contend with – more than a little taxing for just one content provider, reviewer, writer and vaper to handle on their own.

This is where the fantastic community aspect of this alternative world of ecigs comes into play: suddenly, there were more of you wanting to get involved; to review and inform the rest of your colleagues about the new developments taking place in the portable vaporizer and eJuice environment. (Let us know if you’d be interested in joining the team, and what you can contribute)

This came as something of a god send, suddenly we were able to turn around five times as much content, review so many more products and expand our website into the large informative base that you know today – all thanks to a receptive, welcoming and information hungry community that you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else.

Nowadays, as a solid unanimous team – we try our best to give you everything you might need to get started on your own first vape; as well as entertaining articles for the veterans among you.

It’s our pleasure to sample and review the latest products, liquids and brands and give an objective, completely impartial opinion on them. We don’t believe in any particular bias for one producer and we always try to give fair appraisals to any products – this goes for small independent manufacturers and the larger, more prominent titles alike. Everyone deserves a fair chance, including you, our audience.

So, never be afraid to get in touch, offer criticisms and comments on our articles or recommend particular products you’d like us to look into. We’re only too happy to oblige. If you want to ask any more detailed questions about things we might bring up in our reviews – drop a quick line and we’ll be with you post haste!

Enjoy the site, and happy vaping!