This ejuice line called Bombshell From Vape Craft & High Class has brought us out of retirement and has revitalized our resolve to inform the vaping community about the new eliquid and hardware on the market.

With all the new flavors and companies flooding the market these days, it’s rare to come across an ejuice line that’s straight-forward and delivers high quality nicotine, flavor, and an all in all decent price. Some of my favorite flavors from this line are Marilyn; a “Strawberry & Marshmallow Fluff” a straightforward and well mixed flavor, while Audrey delivers a mouthwatering “Bold lemon Bar Kissed With Sweet Powdered Sugar” that makes me want to all day vape this classic eliquid, reminiscent of UK Dinner Ladies Lemon Tart. Audrey is a sweet and cost friendly alternative to her UK counterpart.


Too often with most ejuice companies, they over complicate their juices and they fail at the execution. This is not a problem that this new Bombshell line from Vape Craft deals with. They executed these five flavors perfectly. I look forward to filling my tank with each of these fine flavors and vaping them all day.

The Pros

Let’s Talk about the big thumbs up’s with this eliquid line


  • The flavors in this line are the general flavors everyone craves to fill their devices with, however Bombshell is the first line in a long while that gets it right! From the subtle menthol flavor of Sophia, to the bakery goodness of Elizabeth & Audrey, these flavors are some of the best i have ever vaped.

The Cons

Let’s talk about the only thing wrong with this line…

  • For the majority of you who do not receive free e liquid for reviews it will be hard to trust someone’s word on whether a flavor will be received as positively as the reviewer portrays, which leads me to my only con for this juice. Why is this line only available in 60mL bottles? It would make it much easier for people to try the line if there were 15mL sample packs for those who can’t throw around $23 bucks for A 60ml bottle they have never tried before.


In conclusion, i can’t stress how much i like this juice, i want the world to try these flavors because these guys killed it with this line. Amazing, spot on flavors, high quality nicotine, sexy, yet sophisticated designs of the bottles, and no child marketing. It’s a 5 star juice line people. Get yours today.