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August 12, 2014

The Difference between E-Cigs, E-Hookahs and E-Cigars

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Written by: vapeadmin

As e-cigarettes and the numerous other variations upon them become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional means of inhalation, users are in need of more information prior to their purchases – seeing as there is so much now available to them.

Where there were originally only e-cigarettes, devices and products such as PVs (Personal Vaporizers), e-hookahs and e-cigars quickly became available on the market, in an assortment of different styles and models, not to mention the hundreds of alterations and gadgets which can be bought alongside them.

So, then, it becomes pertinent to ask… Just what is the difference between the different types of device?

The difference between E-cigs and E-hookahs

Starting with E-cigs and E-hookahs, we’ll look into just what makes them so different from one another. To begin; the most important disparity between the two is that E-cigs are predominantly built and designed with a nicotine hit in mind – just like a traditional cigarette (but devoid of some of the toxins). On the flip side, E-hookahs and/or shishas do not contain nicotine and are instead primarily about the nuances of flavor; boasting a vast range of different tastes for the user to peruse, not unlike original hookahs, but without the tobacco element.

Seeing as E-cigarettes are mainly used as a substitute for smoking regular cigarettes, it’s logical to assume that they will be under more frequent use than an E-hookah, which is traditionally used much more recreationally. This being said, E-cigarettes are likely to be built in a sturdier, more long lasting, robust fashion than some E-hookahs.

Hookahs are more for the occasional smoker, and cigs for the frequent user.

Difference between E-cigs and E-cigars

E-cigars are a fairly new addition to the arson of electronic vaping/smoking devices out there. Fundamentally, the difference between the E-cigar and E-hookahs is the same as that of the E-cigarettes (i.e. nicotine intake), but the difference between the cigs and the cigars is a little more detailed.

Where the E-cigarette is quite a functional piece of equipment, with a fairly easy job of replicating the appearance of a regular cigarette, the E-cigar has a tougher job. These devices will be much chunkier, heavier and pack a bigger punch, just like traditional cigars, but missing that familiar stench which accompanies the massive puffs of a Cuban or something similar.

E-cigars are likely to be more expensive than E-cigarettes, on account of their size and weight; and are mostly disposable products (you can purchase a box full of multiple E-cigars, much like original Cuban cigars), which pack in a huge number of puffs per device. This being said, to capture the original feel and taste of a true cigar, the user will need to spend extra on authentic e-liquids and good E-cigar products in the first place to replicate that feeling – so it’s really a device for the connoisseur, rather than the amateur or occasional smoker.

The differences between E-cigarettes, E-hookahs and E-cigars really come down to the makeup of the devices themselves – the main disparity between the hookah and the cigars and cigs is down to the nicotine inhalation element. Whereas E-cigars and E-cigarettes are different in their tastes, degree of nicotine and the capabilities of the devices themselves.

Hopefully, this article will have helped direct you to the device which best suits your own desires.


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